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Get some major shine in your hair affair!

Get some major shine in your hair affair!

An important part of your preparation schedule on the lead up to your wedding should be some hair love. Often the conversation immediately segways to styling or accessories and hair health gets a little forgotten. 

Alternatively it becomes a retail conversation at the end of your regular salon session and your not really up for more investment. 

Look to your trusted stylist for guidance and reach out ahead of time. This conversation may be best suited to a colour consultation or maintenance trim way ahead of your wedding styling trial or consult.

If you colour or heat style your hair in any way, chances are you will have some degree of damage. Swimming, exercise activity and tying your hair up constantly will also impact on condition. 

here are some tried and tested treatments and solutions we have found...


Olaplex is bandied around many a hair conversation. Professionals and clients rave about the results. If you have not heard about this treatment it is pretty simple. Olaplex is an in-salon treatment No 1 and No 2 with a take home component No 3. The system repairs the disulfide bonds damaged and separated in the process of colouring or lightening hair and heat styling. The in-salon component is neither time consuming or smelly and can be mixed into colour to cut down on delivery time. Step No 3 is a once a week treatment for you to do.

The results are stronger silky hair with the 3 dimensional shine. From a stylists perspective, blow outs are bouncy and upstyles have more dimension and a finish that looks healthy and full.

Full potential by Bumble and Bumble combats damage with creatine and works to promote elasticity and strength. The brands research found impressive improvements in hair loss. The booster spray can be used to target weak spots from hair ties pins or braiding. 


Another option is to maintain the physical amount of hair. Products have been formulated by leading brands to not only work on strength, they also prolong the growth cycle of the hair, suspending the fall cycle when we naturally shed hair. This leads to an increase in volume and thickness.

Kevin.Murphy uses technologies from eyelash treatments to work on the strength and thickness of hair. The plumping range offers Body.Mass in this women’s range and Thick.Again for KMen. Both of these work at the scalp and follicle level to create strength from the root.


R+Co is a rock star stylist lead brand from the us. Here are a couple of solutions for those who have just run out of time and need a bit more of an instant lift.

R+Co Palm Springs Pre Shampoo Treatment Mask

Recharge your hair batteries and get your spark back.

Touted as a weekend away for your locks this lux cocktail of oils, butters and plant extracts will get your hair back into shape with shine to boot.

It’s usage is versatile and can be used before or after shampooing or even as a hydrating wash. It is deeply moisturising and seals in the conditioning ingredients. Great for
heat styled coloured or chemically treated hair.

R+Co crown scalp scrub

We exfoliate our face and body, but what about our scalp? All those layers of styling products the ravages of gym work outs, hats, outdoor activities; the list goes on. This purifying detox is great for sensitive ones or someone like myself that loves a good scrub. The active ingredients will dissolve as you massage it in and salicylic acid aids in the removal of any build up on the hair follicle. A bonus for any oily scalps!

R+Co is also purpose driven vegan and cruelty free.

Illuminate - achieving the glow

Illuminate - achieving the glow

A 'Whiter' day - wedding day smiles

A 'Whiter' day - wedding day smiles