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Destination Fabulous

Destination Fabulous

In this moment in time, like no other in recent history, brides have the privilege of doing pretty much whatever they want. This is my statement and I do stand by it, within reason... 

It’s your day and your personal taste, just keep in mind you have to look back at the myriad of photos and social media feeds, take some time to consider what you want to do. Don’t wind up on the Met Balls best looks list thinking gold eye brows is the way to go... Please!

In an atmosphere of bespoke crowns, gowns and floral artistry, why not create a bespoke beauty look of your own. The sort of words I hear most are 'fresh, natural, radiant, youthful, relaxed and true-to-you'.

As a makeup artist of many years, I have seen trends come and go. Many of them, honestly, I never understood. No matter what your influence there is an unbelievable amount of inspiration out there. So when you are taking the time to create your look, my advice is to always look to the 'Classic' beauties and see what they did to achieve the look that lasted the test of time.

Now with all that inspiration under your sash, get cracking and add your flavour. As a general guide, if you have not done it before (a dark smokey eye for example) don't do it for your wedding! This is not the time to experiment.

Now that the artistic exhale is out of the way, let’s get practical. Here’s a few ideas...

Skin care

Skin is the key for any makeup look and the perfection and maintenance of your canvas is essential. When considering your makeup on the day and the look you are aiming for don’t forget to look at your skincare regime. You have ample time to pre-plan your day, do the same with your beauty rituals. A great skincare routine can really get you looking and feeling great and it’s apart of the pampering in the lead-up to your new chapter.

Try products

There are more products then ever before available to you and they all offer something different. The best advice you can get is from someone looking at you. Take time to get yourself in store and try products on your skin. If a brand can’t offer you advice on colour match or the purpose of a primer, don’t shop blindly, go where the consultants or makeup artists will spend some time with you.

Colour match

You may be off on the trip of a lifetime or even if you have booked a makeup artist for your wedding day, it is certainly a worthwhile exercise to get colour matched and pick up a foundation and concealer in your perfect shade and texture. At the same time you can shop around for options for your lip shade of choice, and don’t forget to grab a touch up powder (with a mirror).

cover girl looks

cover girl looks