Escape to the French Countryside

Imagine a herd of velvet brown Limousin cattle grazing in the distance whilst above the pigeons are flying home to roost. Travel down a long drive lined by ancient oaks and in the parting of the trees the mellow stoned and perfectly proportioned Domaine des Etangs peeps into view with its four round towers. The chateau is set amongst lakes and pastures in the French countryside just a few hours south of Paris between Charente and Limousin.

A ring journey with Ka'llure Jewellery

Ka’llure is built on a belief that jewellery has a magnetism and a power force. It’s alluring. It captures you, pulls you in and most of all, its allure makes you ‘have to have it.’ There is something about a piece that speaks to you and once you have it, it’s a treasure you keep forever. When you bring it out for all to see you can’t help but want to share its story.

This is KA’LLURE by Kara Breadmore.