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Contemporary Wedding Veils by Daphne Newman

Contemporary Wedding Veils by Daphne Newman

Bridal designer Daphne Newman specialises in wedding veils and is sharply focused on evolving the iconic accessory from its outdated reputation with a couture approach, carefully merging traditional hand techniques with luxurious silk tulle and embellished trims. Her work is a collection of thoughtfully designed, stylish, evocative pieces the modern bride is excited to wear and proud to pass on. 


Daphne Newman has announced the launch of her 2018 collection, featuring 10 couture bridal veils. Each piece is handmade using silk tulle and exclusive lace sourced by Daphne on her travels to Europe and the Middle East. Shot at an 11th century monastery in Umbria Italy with renowned Italian photographer Lelia Scarfiotti, Daphne and her team set out to change the mood of the veil; focusing on the contrast of the feminine and ethereal details against the time worn facades of the ancient structures. 


Inspired by the rich history of Italy and her global pursuit of rare lace, Daphne’s vision was a unity of textural detailing and ornate silhouettes in the traditional setting of the catholic church. Demonstrating to brides and industry alike, that you can incorporate tradition without compromising personal style.


Daphne’s commitment to luxurious silk tulle and delicate lace is largely attributed to the aesthetic of the fabric but more importantly to ensure it stands the test of time. Each piece is created to be kept by the bride as a timeless memory of her wedding style, and cherished as an heirloom for future generations, a rarity in our modern society of fast fashion. As the defining bridal accessory, Daphne encourages her brides to carefully choose their veil as an honest reflection of their style and personality, not simply an afterthought of the gown. 


Daphne Newman began her journey in fashion upon receiving a sewing machine as a young girl. She grew up in a small town in Western Canada. Inspired by the art of fabric, she pursued an education in textiles, garments and sewing to develop a foundation of skills and began designing evening wear for friends and family. Upon graduating in 1986, Daphne stumbled upon a small European fabric store owned by an immigrant seamstress from Lithuania who specialised in European fabrics. Often visiting the store to source materials for her own clients, Daphne was offered a part time job. She soon realised her passion for couture details and exquisite European lace and thus Daphne Newman Design was founded.


Daphne has spent over 30 years devoted to the world of couture design, fabrics and lace. Fuelled by perfection and an unwillingness to compromise, Daphne travels to relatively unknown pockets of the globe in search of the finest silks and laces for her couture veils and luxe robes. She studies ancient textile traditions, and works closely with local artisans to explore the rich history behind fabrics and techniques. Deeply influenced by her experiences, she honours the wisdom and pays homage to those who have preceded her with a commitment to the labor-intensive hand techniques required for the fragile fabrics. Glimmers of her experiences are evident as she delicately weaves through glittering beads, and soft embroidery with fluid precision. Each piece of her collection is enriched with emotion, romance and history, and are as captivating as they are effortless.

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