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Enchanting, Bespoke Wedding Dress Photography by Meg Cowell

Enchanting, Bespoke Wedding Dress Photography by Meg Cowell

Melbourne based artist, Meg Cowell is renowned for photographing theatrical garments that have been arranged and illuminated while suspended in water. "I have recently launched my wedding dress photography project which is a bespoke service for owners of treasured fashion." Each gown is carefully suspended and arranged in pure fresh water, allowing the garment to bloom in an almost cosmic setting. The resulting effect gives character and life to the garment as it dances through the water, and is transformed, flower-like, floating in the abyss.

“I have many friends getting married and searching for ways to commemorate their dresses. I had the idea of photographing their dresses and the result is truly amazing." Cowell offers a wedding dress imaging service that is carefully tailored to each bride and each gown. “I consult with brides to define the moods and emotions they would like to be expressed through their photographs, their personal insights and feelings, or simply the joy of the day”. Bride then receive a beautiful large-scale photograph of their transformed wedding dress, allowing it to be enjoyed as a piece of contemporary art for years to come.

72 DPI Blush 2018, 133cm x 92cm (D) edition of 5.jpg

Meg Cowell has been exhibiting her artwork commercially in Hobart, Sydney and Hong Kong. Her work captures feminine garments in what appears to be a vacuum of infinite space. Rich in hue and excessive in their skirting, the dresses are handpicked for their unique and romantic character. Cowell’s forthcoming exhibition, Night Bloom, continues the artist's highly refined visual strategy of submerging uninhabited theatrical gowns in deep water.

72 DPI Water Bloom 2018, 133cm x 92cm (D) edition of 5.jpg

Cowell's exhibition will place emphasis on the relationship between her subjects. When viewed together, they weave something darkly beautiful. For this work Cowell has created a tightly related cast of characters, like dancers in a ballet or characters in a fairytale, whose movements and energy intertwine, creating a moving rhythm as they are viewed across the gallery wall. For these images Cowell has exaggerated the iconic aspects of her previous works, the skirts billow out like opening blooms and the palette is feminine with a selection of subdued and watery pastels. Cowell is fastidious with regard to the work's execution but not so serious that the elements of fun, make-believe and frivolity aren’t also pushed, along with a sense of sensuality and mystery.

300 DPI, The Shallows, 2014.jpg
300 DPI, Astrid, 2014.jpg

Examples of Cowell's recent wedding dress commissions will be exhibited as part of her upcoming exhibition Night Bloom which opens at Flinders Lane Gallery on March 24th.

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