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A ring journey with Ka'llure Jewellery

A ring journey with Ka'llure Jewellery

Photography Courtney King

Ka’llure is built on a belief that jewellery has a magnetism and a power force. It’s alluring. It captures you, pulls you in and most of all, its allure makes you ‘have to have it.’ There is something about a piece that speaks to you and once you have it, it’s a treasure you keep forever. When you bring it out for all to see you can’t help but want to share its story.

This is KA’LLURE by Kara Breadmore. We visit at her new industrial designer showroom and discover personally how alluring her jewellery really is.



I always work to respect and nurture the individuality of my clients. Everyone has their own style, spirit, story and vision and this is what I try to tap into. I also focus on functionality as a key aspect in my designs. The internet is filled with so many pretty pictures of jewellery but more often than not they have been photoshopped. Unfortunately from a form and function point of view, these photoshopped pieces are not realistic. It’s crucial to understand how a piece will be worn and the differences between making something ‘look pretty’ and something that’s made to last. 



It’s rare that a client walks through my door and knows exactly what they want. That would make my job a little too easy! Although it does happen occasionally, I still take all my clients through the journey of establishing the finer details of the design. This generally ends in a refined variation of their initial idea or sometimes something completely different altogether!

My clients often arrive with Pinterest boards and saved screenshots as inspiration. Sometimes their inspiration can be varied so that’s where I step in to help identify the underlying common thread or theme. I like seeing the images that capture my clients’ attention because it’s a window into their minds. This way I can get a feeling of what they do and don’t like. It’s a great starting point. 

Other times my clients have no inspiration and that’s fine too! No matter what point my client is at when we first meet, the most important inspiration is fuelled from sharing a cup of tea and having chat about them or their loved one. This process helps me to connect with the person that’s receiving the piece and I can build important and personal aspects into the energy of the final design.



I ensure every one of my clients has a beautiful finished piece but also a memorable journey in its creation. My clients are involved in selecting their specific diamonds or gems and in the process of choosing their final design from our hand drawn concepts. Clients are invited to come in for a fitting before any of the gems or diamonds are set. It’s an opportunity to tweak little aspects but also a chance for them to see their special piece in stages. However this level of involvement isn’t for everyone. Some clients love waiting until the end for a surprise unveiling! There isn’t one process for everyone, which is why I work to identify the individual nature of my clients and to focus on each client separately. I want all my clients to feel comfortable, informed and in control of their own jewellery creation journey.


There are so many gems I love. I adore tourmaline because of its diverse colour range. It comes in every colour of the rainbow. It’s also the stone of courage and strength, stamina and vitality. It attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity and promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clear, objective view of the world.



I have come up with the concept of ‘family pieces’. The concept is centred around a gift for Mum. It’s a custom designed piece that embodies every family member’s birthstone. For me it’s not just about making the piece, but about the journey I take the family on to find a way to represent each of the family members. It’s a unique and special process as I learn the family’s story and build the love and connection they share with eachother into the jewellery. We invite the whole family into the studio to share their stories. Helping to facilitate recognition and acknowledgement of a mother and everything she does for her family in the form of
a custom piece is a magical process.



I have never had the opportunity to design a piece of jewellery for myself. So when I began the journey of creating a personal piece that reflected and celebrated my own relationship I never truly understood the connection I would make and how incredibly emotional it would be! 

Kara's first advice to me when I wasn't sure where to start and found myself going in a direction I didn't think I would go, "If it doesn’t feel right, don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t truly love." I realised I was a little afraid of the words ‘custom design’. "I think there is a misconception that custom design means expensive," said Kara. The connection and journey in working with Kara confirmed that finding a craftsperson you click with and trust them to bring the magic of your story to life. Don’t settle for what you think you ‘have to have’, focus on what matters to you and don’t be afraid to share that with the person who is creating your piece. I ended with a stone that reflected me more than words could ever express. (photos give you a little sneak of it in the making!)   

Nicole x

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