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Q&A - Oscar Hunt Tailors

Q&A - Oscar Hunt Tailors

Made-to-measure tailoring house Oscar Hunt prove you have so much more to learn about suiting. With stunning styled showrooms, that have a reputation of their own, located in Melbourne and Sydney; and newly opened Adelaide. Co-founder and General Manager Chris Edwards introduces us to Oscar Hunt and why they are tailors who are artists in service, style and suiting!

“It is our belief that each of our clients has their own unique character and it is our job to bring that character out (whether it is conservative, out completely or out there) in the clothes they wear.”
— Chris

How did the Oscar Hunt story begin?
It started in 2010. Having finished my university studies, I realised that there weren’t too many options for men in Australia to find a well-fitted suit. After this realisation, I went about putting together a small team to make the vision of a really well made, beautifully crafted suit, combined with an exceptional showroom experience, come to life. It was a humble beginning, but it allowed us to really understand the client and to help craft the business that it is today.

If you were to describe Oscar Hunt as a man who would he be?
Good question! I would say Richard Roxburgh – effortlessly cool and intelligent with a raw edge.

What can you expect on your first visit?
A lot of smiles and even more knowledge! Our team love menswear. And although the term 'passionate” is hugely overused, our team are genuinely passionate about menswear and making sure that our clients love the clothes that they wear. As a result, a client can expect a warm and informative experience where they really feel at home.

Clients can also expect to be shown a vast array of stunning fabrics as well as many examples of different design options and styles. The fitters will work side-by-side with the client to determine the exact suit that they are looking for.

What personal elements do Oscar Hunt design in their suits when working with clients? 

Our fitters and consultants are excellent listeners. We really get to know the client before we start the design process. Once a relationship has been established, then our team are experts in recommending the right fabric, design and construction for the particular client. 

Showroom 1.jpeg
Showroom 2.jpeg

Tips for grooms/groomsmen in finishing their look; i.e. grooming and accessories.

In terms of finishing the overall look, we tend to suggest that less is more. 

We see a large number of couples who try to tie in the entire wedding party with ties or pocket squares, and it can make the whole thing complicated. Keep it simple. A great fitting suit and complementary colours will always win the day. We also always recommend a nice pair of shoes and an emergency back-up shirt should things get a bit wild on the dance floor.


What colours of wedding suits are you seeing for the upcoming seasons?
We’re seeing a lot of muted tones and soft colours alongside our more traditional dinner suit colours. 

As the destination wedding seems to be gaining momentum, the couples are looking to work with their environments.

What do you want to see more of /less of in men’s wedding attire?
There are certainly more and more couples wanting to experiment with different fabrics (eg. linen and cotton) and textures, which is great to see. We have also seen a general movement away from formalwear; that is not to say that we still don’t create a large number of dinner suits. Fortunately, we are seeing less of the super slim style suit, which I personally feel doesn’t wear that well and would be pretty uncomfortable on the day.



Next travel destination?


What or who inspires you?
I don’t want to wax lyrical for risk of sounding like an idiot, but it is definitely the ocean that inspires me the most. That and epic 90’s cult films like Point Break.

If you were a watch which watch would you be?
That’s a weird question. I would want to be a Cartier or an A. Lange and Sohne, but there’s no way I’m that cool. Maybe I’d be a Casio – not particularly well made but tries hard.

Never leave home without
A sense of humour.

Favourite restaurant/cafe?
San Telmo in Melbourne.

What’s your go-to drink?
Constantly changes but at the moment it is a White Russian.

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