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Sophistication with a high fashion sensibility is the central ethos for visionary bridal and evening wear designer George Wu, renowned for his masterful tailoring, intricate detailing and classical technique. One of Australia’s most exceptional bespoke designers, his eponymous label is inspired by layers of lightness and darkness with his luxury collections evoking an avant-garde elegance that combines traditional couture finishes with a modern aesthetic.



How did you get started in fashion and gown design?

I started my business by selling my graduate collection from my QUT fashion degree. I always loved needle and thread work in high school but never had a chance to learn it until I finished school. It's my passion and I kept trying to learn more about what I loved even when people doubted it. I think this is key to finding your own creative voice.

Explain some of the processes you use when creating and handcrafting gowns?

Similar to the process of Dior/Versace, we start all our couture work for private clients by creating a body support or foundation - essentially a sculpture of the client’s body. This is followed by creating the dress that will sit on the outside of the support which undergoes many samples from calico and muslin fabric to ensure the perfect fit before it's cut and constructed in the finer textiles

What is currently trending in summer wedding couture? Tips for keeping cool?

I tend to ignore what's on trend and create something that complements my clients by knowing their style and giving them a great couture experience.

Tips for the summer bride, I suggest staying away from polyester lined dresses.

Do you have any advice for brides-to-be looking for their ideal wedding gown?

Think about your venue and brainstorm a few key words. Focus on these words as a theme when you’re sourcing your dress. Choose a gown that makes you feel confident. Sometimes other people’s comments come from the fact that it’s not something they would necessarily wear themselves, however this doesn't mean it's not suitable for you. Finding your gown is a time to get to know yourself and stop listening to others on how to be ‘you’.

Favourite piece you’ve created?

Definitely the skirt with ostrich feather trim... I love floaty things!

When I’m not being creative at work I am…?

Spending time with friends and family, travelling and researching craft skills.

What is your most memorable travel destination?

Paris, not only because it’s a city of fashion but it's a beautiful city... actually, I think the most beautiful city in the world!

Favourite food and best eats?

Toasted sourdough with whatever I can find to dress it up and chocolates! Yes, lots of chocolate. I don't have a favourite café or restaurant, it's who I go with.


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