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Tips to finding your perfect celebrant

Tips to finding your perfect celebrant

Your choice of marriage celebrant is perhaps the most significant decision you will make in relation to your wedding. Your celebrant will not only marry you and start you on your journey as a married couple; they will also set the mood for the whole day, in the way they deliver your ceremony. You’ll want your family and guests in attendance to remember your wedding for all the right reasons, and this starts with the ceremony.

The celebrant you decide to appoint should inspire you with an overall feeling of confidence, in listening to your needs and offering ideas and suggestions based on your ceremony requirements.

Knowing what an important task it is to find the right fit for your special day, we share a few tips on how to make the right decision for you:

  • Recommendations from trusted family and friends, venues, and other suppliers are key. Good celebrants are celebrated!

  • Testimonials from previous clients along with photos that show them in action; you’ll get a vibe from text and visual content, with social media platforms being most helpful in this regard.

  • Ensure they are authorised to officiate at weddings, by checking the Attorney General’s website

  • Arrange to meet, to see if you feel a connection – chances are, if you feel relaxed and assured in their presence and like what they have to offer, they’re the right one.

  • Let intuition be your guide more than cost. Ensuring there are no hidden charges in the price they have quoted you, consider the hours of preparation and attention they will give to your ceremony. You will get value from a quality professional, so don’t expect to pay less for them than the cake!

  • Ask if they have a good quality PA system to ensure everyone will hear your ceremony. You might also like to find out if you can use their PA for your ceremony music.

  • Look for someone with diverse experience, who can identify with you and your particular needs, in relation to family, background or anything else important and specific to you.

  • Find out if they are prepared for the unexpected – including a back up plan in case they are unable for any reason to attend your ceremony (a celebrant is only one person after all, so this is an important factor to consider). Our team of Modern Celebrants wholeheartedly support one another when referring couples and sharing ideas.

  • Ensure they want to make the day all about you; by being innovative, flexible and adaptive to your needs.  Additionally, if you’ve considered that you want an engaging ceremony, you’ll want your celebrant to reflect that.

Wishing you all the best for an incredible wedding day!

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