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Viktoria Novak shares her wedding planning advice

Viktoria Novak shares her wedding planning advice

"Planning your wedding day is a fun and exciting process, but can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. As such we often forget to consider some important details either leading up to the wedding or on the day. After planning my own wedding and of course working with many brides, I wanted to share some insightful tips and advice for brides-to-be."


Newly engaged and so excited that all you want to do is start planning your wedding day? Excellent. My first piece of advice is to simply take a moment, and as traditional as it is, find a piece of paper and a pen and write down all your ideas. Keep it simple. I come up with
so many ideas when I’m alone (especially when I’m cooking or walking) so I always have paper and a pen close by. Ideas will come to you about anything and everything, from table settings to make up and jewellery to transportation. 

Keep a checklist and you’ll be amazed how much you have achieved and how far your wedding plans are coming along. It’s also fun after your wedding day to revisit your initial checklist and see how all your ideas came together. 


Planning your dream wedding may require time whether it be 6 months or two years. Perhaps you would like to get married at a specific venue or on a specific date or you have your heart set on a particular photographer. If that’s the case you may need to be patient as popular places can book up. Confirm your essential suppliers early, such as venues, florists and photographers. Allowing yourself enough time to plan these key elements will put your mind at ease. If you’re relaxed you’ll enjoy the planning so much more than making rushed decisions or panicking because time is getting away from you. If you plan ahead and are organised, other details will start falling into place. 

Remember to keep an open mind throughout the process. You may be presented with something that you didn’t originally plan for or have in mind but often it turns out to be
a blessing in disguise. 


If you read my column in issue 3 of everAFTER, you may recall me discussing the importance of being your own person and remaining true to yourself. Remember the day is about you and your partner celebrating the start of a new journey together. While we all appreciate friendly advice and guidance, too often I see brides worrying about negative comments rather than focusing on what matters most. Follow your heart, it never lies. Make your decisions based on your opinions as opposed to the opinions
of someone else.


My tip here is a simple one, choose a hair style that you’re comfortable with and not one that is completely out of the ordinary for you. The same goes for your makeup. Ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with your overall appearance. I find that makeup and hair styles can be one of the things that defines your confidence and the last thing you want to be feeling on your wedding day is self-conscious. 

To avoid hair or makeup disasters, plan and budget for a hair and makeup trial. The artists will also appreciate the opportunity to work with you prior to your wedding. A trial provides them with a brief and allows them to be clear on what you like and don’t like. It also makes the ‘getting ready’ process on your wedding day so much more relaxing and fun. Lastly, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you don’t like the particular looks from your trial for whatever reason, let your team know. 


Comfort. Is there such a thing when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes? Probably not. I am the shoe lover of all shoe lovers, and I apologise to all grooms in advance but if the budget allows it, then it’s not such a bad idea for the bride to have a second pair of wedding shoes. Why do you need second pair of shoes? It’s a long day. There will be lots of walking and you want to avoid being in any pain especially for your first dance! My advice is to choose your statement wedding shoes (the shoes you want your photographer to capture, the shoes you want to love and treasure) and then consider having some additional flats
or a pair of kitty heels just in case. 


Who doesn’t love a surprise? Some brides are so excited about their wedding that they share all the details of their plans with family and friends in advance, after all that’s part of the journey. However consider keeping a few things to yourself. Have an element of surprise on your wedding day and see the beautiful emotions that follow.


Preparing a small kit of essentials such as tissues, water, bandaids, a needle and thread and mints is vital. Having the mind set of being over prepared will go a long way to ensuring your day runs as smoothly as possible.


One of the memorable things I did the night before my wedding was
to have a quiet moment to myself. Write down how you’re feeling and try to capture and express your thoughts and emotions. Then each year, on your wedding anniversary, pull out your notes and relive how you felt the night before your wedding. It makes for a beautiful reminder.




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