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Musson has been providing Sydney and the world with the finest jewellery for over 40 years. Musson is a rare and enduring jewellery design business, manufacturing all their exclusive creations in their state of the art North Shore Studio.

One of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses, Musson wasa founded by Robert and Kerry Musson in 1972. A true family business, with sons Olivar and Damien at the helm, Musson continues to move from strength to strength. With boutiques in the iconic QVB and stylish Chatswood Chase, Musson enjoys not only an enviable Australian clientele but a large international following. everAFTER spoke to creative director Olivar Musson.


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How did Musson Jewellery come to be? What’s it like working in a tight-knit family business?
My mother and father started Musson (then called Robert Musson) in 1972. My father was an award-winning apprentice and it was a natural progression for him to grow his name and client base by opening a boutique. We are very proud to be celebrating 45 years in business.

Family is essential to our business, our business name is our family name, without one there cannot be the other. There is a unique passion born from working alongside your family to run a company such as a luxury jewellery brand. Designing, producing and selling luxury fine jewellery takes an immense amount of time and in my opinion having a family committed to it is essential. As a family each of us intimately knows the effort required to start a luxury business and the will and devotion needed to develop it into the future. The legacy of Musson is first and foremost to my family. I would be so proud to see my children and nieces and nephews working in the business one day. 

Best thing about working in the world of jewellery?

There is longevity to fine jewellery that appeals to me. We use jewellery to celebrate our most important moments and relationships in life. I love how transportable jewellery is and how intimate it is. We wear our favourite pieces everyday and I love that I play a part in special moments in people’s lives. 

I also get to work with the most amazing people every day. Our team at Musson is inspiring and it is an honour and a privilege to work with such accomplished and creative people.

What are some of the wedding jewellery options Musson offers?

We love weddings at Musson! We have a unique range of wedding bands for men and women. We also create what we refer to as ‘love rings’. These are fabulous rings that go either side of engagement rings. You can never have too many diamonds!

We also create bespoke wedding jewellery. I have designed earrings and cufflinks with a couple's interlocking initials for several clients. It’s lovely to have jewellery you can treasure forever from your wedding day. We also look after our returning engagement ring clients by giving them a loyalty discount off their wedding bands.

What makes Musson Jewellery and its collections unique?

Everything! Musson is a unique business model in that much of what we produce is one-off due to the individual gems we select. We design and manufacture in Sydney 95% of the creations you view in our boutiques. The exception being Kailis Australian pearls. 

We are known for our unique sculptural design, unusual setting styles and unparalleled quality of manufacture. Our pieces are contemporary yet timeless. I also try to use rare and beautiful gems as often as I can in our creations, particularly rare Argyle pink diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Advice for choosing engagement and wedding rings?

Be motivated by what inspires you. You are going to wear these rings every day and you have to love them. Wedding jewellery is a celebration and you should feel special and honoured to wear these rings.

I tell clients constantly there are no rules. White diamonds are the most popular stones for engagement rings, but they're far from the only option. I have made the most beautiful engagement rings featuring rare coloured diamonds and rich sapphires. 

Describe the Musson Jewellery design process.

To be honest my approach differs depending on what I am designing and for whom. 

I try to approach design with openness. I am a firm believer that creativity does not have to be arduous and tortuous. You should always trust your instincts and channel those beautiful sparks of instantaneous creativity. 

If I am designing for a client I try to pick an element of their personality or their style and use that as the inspiration for the design. 


one a personal note

What inspires you?

I love to explore new places and architecture. So much inspiration comes from immersing yourself in different cultures and environments. I’m also inspired by beautiful gems. Often my inspiration for design comes from appreciating the sheer beauty of a diamond or coloured stone. 

When you’re not in the store where can we find you?

Spending as much time as possible with my young family. My wife, Catherine and I have three children under 6. Life is full and wonderful!

Next holiday destination?

Africa! We can’t wait. We are doing a safari as well as visiting one of De Beers most prestigious diamond mines. Adventure meets diamonds, my perfect trip!





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