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Patrick JOHNSON grew up in South Australia and after finishing a bachelor degree in agricultural science, moved to London where he trained and worked in tailoring and menswear design. Seven years later he returned to Australia and started P Johnson and Suit Shop.

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P Johnson is a custom men's tailor specialising in soft, supple artisanal tailoring, made in the company's own Italian work shop in Carrara, Tuscany. Established in Sydney in 2008 and now with showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London, P Johnson offers a unique approach to creating elegant and versatile wardrobes for their clients. 

Suit shop is P Johnson's sister brand and is a more entry-level offering. Suit shop specialises in perfectly fitting custom suits and casual wear. Established in 2013 by P Johnson, the suits are all made with the best Italian ingredients (cloth, linings, canvas, buttons) Cut by P Johnson and made in China. 

Where did the P Johnson journey begin?
I began P Johnson when I returned from the UK in early 2008. In the beginning, I was travelling around the country seeing every client I could and it just evolved from there. My vision for the company was, and still is, simply to help men dress better.


What sets P Johnson apart?
We are a totally client focused business. We've never looked to copy what other designers are doing. Instead we work with our clients to create their perfect wardrobe with them. Everything we make is a one-off and cut specifically for each individual client. As no two people are the same so should no two suits ever be the same. Once you’ve had a suit that fits you perfectly, everything thing else feels like a compromise.

We believe suiting is still very relevant and everything we do in terms of construction and our approach aims to make the garments easy, effortless and enjoyable to wear. You hear the word elegance a lot in the suiting world but I think we push it further than that. We think tailoring should be more dynamic. It should be an extension of the wearer’s personality. 

We also have the belief that it’s our mission to offer the best possible value to our clients. For this reason we are vertically integrated. From our P Johnson factory in Carrara, Italy directly to our clients we offer quality garments for a price that cannot be matched.



Advice for grooms and their groomsmen looking for their wedding suits?
A wedding is undoubtedly one of life’s most important occasions, and a wedding suit one of the most iconic pieces in a man’s wardrobe. The dress code of the event is naturally important, and it's critical that the groom and his groomsmen look their best. Having said this, be comfortable. While you have to look great, you have to be really comfortable in your own skin, or you won't wear the suit well. Keep an open mind, discuss exactly what you're after with your tailor, and try not to take it too seriously at the same time. It should be fun. If you're in good hands it should be a painless and fun experience.

What’s one of the most important things clients should consider when having a custom suit created?
There are many different things to consider when having a custom suit made, but I think men should be focusing primarily on comfort. Looking and feeling comfortable so that the suit can become a part of their life and they can wear it unconsciously. It should also represent who they are as a person.

What is trending in suits and men’s formalwear at the moment?
We find that men are increasingly looking for something no one else has. As people are wearing suits less at the office, formalwear is becoming more exciting, a chance to dress up and make a statement.

What' s the P Johnson aesthetic/philosophy?
Our philosophy is based around building a wardrobe that best suits our clients’ needs, helping men to dress better. Stylistically we have a more casual approach than most tailors. Each of our garments is unique, our suiting is generally softer, less rigid and very easy to wear but always appropriate for the occasion. For our clients' weddings we look to work with them to create something unique for their special day. This is my favourite thing about my job.

Best thing about working in the world of tailoring and weddings?
It's great to really get to know our clients. They put a lot of faith and goodwill into their tailor and the process. We take care of all the little details. We've succeeded if we can make our clients feel comfortable and confident in their suit so they can freely enjoy their wedding.


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a personal note

What inspires you?
Many things inspire me, but I think mostly it's nature.

When you’re not working where can we find you?
At the beach.

Favourite holiday destination?
Cape Jervis in South Australia, and the Tuscan coast in Italy.




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