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Hi, I'm Amanda

I come from a background in Fine Art, Photography and Visual Culture. Sometime in 2001, I fell completely in love with the creative freedom that comes with photography and the art of visual storytelling. My style of wedding photography is led by the authentic romance between my couples with a subtle editorial and photojournalistic approach - which is sometimes traditional, sometimes candid and a little unconventional. I love to focus on the natural light-drenched as well as the mood that comes from shadows. I look for those moments of beautiful narrative and certain compositions, the way the natural light is working, the poetic movement of the wind, laughter, and all of the unorchestrated moments in between. Currently based in Brisbane, and happy to travel anywhere!



W: http://peppermintphotography.com.au

E: hello@peppermintphotography.com.au

Instagram: amanda_peppermintphotography