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Marcus Bell, Studio Impressions


Founder of STUDIO IMPRESSIONS Marcus Bell, leads an incredibly creative team who capture the spirit and character of all the occasions they photograph. everAFTER had the privilege of finding out what inspires Marcus and where his photography journey began and he found his voice in pictures.



Where did your photography journey start? 

In the darkroom of a studio in South Brisbane where I took my first photography course. I pulled a print out from the chemicals and discovered that not only did I love this craft but I might actually be okay at it. I had been playing around with the camera my father left me when he passed away, and in that moment realised he had given me more than a camera, he’d given me a voice and an opportunity to use it.

Why weddings?

I love photographing people and unexpected moments. I like documentary photography as well as the lines and drama in landscape and architectural photography. I capture connections – between people, their history and their environment. All the things I love to photograph can be found at a wedding. Two individuals creating one new family in a joyous and momentous occasion, why wouldn’t I want to capture that?   

How does your work differ, what makes Studio Impressions so special?

There is a definite Studio Impressions style that some people have called ‘weddingscapes’, but I don’t think it is just our style that makes us special. There are many little things that make us different, our experience, our commitment to quality, our personal approach. For example there is no random allocation of photographers, it is purely your choice, but the stand out element is, we are genuine. We genuinely love what we do and want you to have the best day of your life. Our images depict genuine moments, genuine feelings. We capture the little things that mean a lot. For us it isn’t
just about the photography, it is about the feelings.   

What advice do you have for newly engaged couples looking for a wedding day photographer?

Don’t get overwhelmed. Ask your venue for referrals and meet with a few different photographers to get a better sense of what you like and what you don’t. Don’t shop on price alone. Meet the actual person who will be photographing your wedding (not just their studio representative) and ask about what goes into their preparation for your day, what happens on the day and what happens afterwards. You aren’t just buying their products, you are buying their service and most importantly, their expertise. 

How would you describe your photographic style?

Documentary, emotive, full of feeling with a touch of unexpected humour. 

Where is your favourite place to shoot?

Wherever the light is calling. 

Do you have a favourite destination wedding location?

So far, Lake Como Italy, but always looking for new places to make my favourite.

Favourite bar or restaurant?

For great Japanese with the family, Bishamon in Spring Hill Brisbane. For a special night out with my wife, Urbane. For Sunday afternoon drinks, Stokehouse Bar overlooking the river, or a cheeky BYO for sunset at Kangaroo Point.

Which countries do you love to travel to?

Anywhere new satisfies the adventurer in me. 

What inspires you?

17th century Dutch paintings, especially the works of Vermeer & de Hooch

Modern Australian artists such as Jeffrey Smart and The great Magnum photographers Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt  

Also the stories of the people I photograph every day. There are such amazing things to see in everyday life. 

Is there a particular wedding that stands out in your memory?

It was actually a 50th Wedding Anniversary I was asked to photograph. I was so touched by the enduring love of this couple and by seeing the extended family they had created, it will forever remind me what a wedding day is really about. There is a video that we took on the night that sums it up perfectly.


Do you collect anything?

Vinyls to play as I work on my images at night. I also collect vintage camera lenses which I pull apart and repurpose into new lenses that I make for photographic play. 

What kind of music is on your playlist right now?

The French band Talisco;
The Lumineers’ new album and
Florence and the Machine.



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