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everAFTER is connected, creatively aware, confident, stylish and sociable. It sources and profiles all the details, big and small, that go into creating that perfect moment; that perfect day. 

But life doesn't stop once the big day draws to a close, and everAFTER doesn't stop there either. What comes next is just as important; just as worthy of celebration.

everAFTER is a natural fit for its readers - who value design, style, music, fashion and entertainment. They work, play and travel internationally, and bring with them distinguished tastes and a demanding appetite for quality information. 

everAFTER celebrates creativity in all of its manifestations. We select and celebrate all that is beautiful and enduring, both classic and modern. We remain relevant by staying ahead.

With a dedication to excellence, luminous creative photography and powerful editorial that promises to take your breath away, everAFTER is the one sparking ideas and conversation with our advertisers and readers.  




from the editor


I don’t think of everAFTER as a bridal magazine. everAFTER is a wedding lifestyle magazine for brides and grooms alike. It's a magazine about this particular stage of our readers’ lives where they or someone they know is getting engaged, married, starting a career, travelling, setting up a house or perhaps all of these things. I wanted to create something that encapsulated ideas, advice and inspiration for all of these facets of life for a reader who appreciates design, travel and the finer things in life. I wanted readers to feel confident knowing everAFTER would calmly and elegantly introduce them to a stylish world of weddings. 

Nicole Snow Editor