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david stowe, society photography



Society Photography is a boutique photographic studio based in Sydney. Society Photography has been capturing beautiful weddings and portraits around Australia and internationally since 1993. Led by David Stowe, Society Photography is a small team of creatives united by a common goal, to capture stunning images that inspire and celebrate. 


When and where did your passion for photography begin?

I started getting into photography near the end of high school. I was always in love with nature and the outdoors and started pursuing images of landscapes and animals.

I remember asking people with cameras lots of questions and trying to read books about photography. I then went to university studying Visual Arts and finished my degree majoring in Photography.

Why weddings? What is the best part of your job?

At first there was a certain reality of trying to earn a living taking photos! But I have always been a people person so merging the two together became the obvious choice.

I relish being part of such a happy day, working in a positive environment and photographing people in love. The best part of the job is making our clients happy and creating lasting memories for them.

Describe your work in 5 words...

Emotive, Elegant, Timeless, Candid, Weddingscape.

Best thing about summer weddings? Tips for shooting a summer wedding?

  • Summer weddings allow the bride and bridesmaids to wear something fun and not freeze! Long warm days add a relaxed feel.
  • Stay hydrated and don’t spend too long in the sun on a really hot day wear sunscreen
  • Try to avoid sunbathing the week before the wedding and having strap tan marks that will show on the wedding day - bridesmaids take note!
  • Check your wedding cars are air conditioned!

What advice do you have for coupes looking for a wedding photographer?

Find a studio whose style you gel with. Meet them in person and see how they present their albums and whether you click on a personal level. Your photographer will be at your wedding from morning until late into the evening so it’s important you feel they will add a positive and calm vibe to the day. 

What inspires you?

People. Nature. The environment. The way the light plays on a couple and their surroundings. 

When I’m not shooting I am

Photographing wildlife and birds! Or spending time with my incredible wife and kids.

Next travel destination…

Alice Springs or the Falkland Islands running wildlife photography workshops.