what's your taste?

A fun and OH SO YUMMY part of the wedding planning process is going for a wedding cake tasting.



Not all at once...

Don't over indulge and take on tasting all the cakes in one day. Most cake suppliers offer 4-5 types of cakes and 4-5 types of frostings and fillings. Even for someone with a sweet tooth, this just might be sugar overload. By the time you get to your third tasting, you just might never want to see another slice of cake again. Spread your tastings out over a couple of visits.

It is also a good idea to start with the lighter, airier cakes (like angel food cake) and progress through, ending with the richer, denser cakes (like dark chocolate). 

Size matters

Ask how big the slices are, to get an idea of how big a cake you’ll need to order to feed all of your guests. If their idea of a slice of cake is much larger than yours, you can easily order smaller.


Mix and Match

After tasting each flavour separately, mix and match your favourites to find a winning combination. Don’t be afraid to try an unusual combination. If it consists of flavours that you or your partner enjoy then go for it. Also trust your cake makers combination and ideas. Because, after all, they are the professionals at what they do.


Consider the weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you have probably already taken the temperature into consideration for all your other details and suppliers. It’s important to remember that heat will melt and destroy a wedding cake fairly quickly. Buttercream and chocolate icings tend to melt the quickest, whereas fondant holds up better in high temperatures. For our winter months - cheese stack cakes are perfect!