Camp Adounia

Sahara desert, morocco

Story Nicole Snow


Solitude never felt so good. Camp under night skies filled with millions of stars or ride a camel over endless dunes that constantly change in colour and shape. Welcome to the nomadic heartland of the Sahara Desert...



Destination Sahara... but the journey there from our departure city Marrakesh is as much a part of the adventure as the final destination is.

Camp Adounia in the Sahara will be home for the next few days and with their help prior to our arrival I had booked our driver Abdul, our guide for the next week and instantly upon our meeting I know we are in for an adventure.

You can alternatively charter helicopters if you're in a hurry but you may miss a lot of the fun! 

With an 8 hour drive ahead of us through the surrounding Atlas Mountains that we break up with a stop at the famous site of Ait Ben Haddou, made most recently famous by that TV show you may have heard of, Game of Thrones. We spend our night a little further on in a small palm date farming town of Agdez in a friendly Kasbah called Chez Yacoub known by Abdul. It has to be said that accommodation in the outer villages of Morocco are basic but their hospitality, food, entertainment and cleanliness certainly make up for that. 

Day two saw us stopping in villages and discovering local trade and cuisine and of course a few purchases along the way. A lesson in pottery, rugs and metal works made me all the more in love with the Moroccan way of life.

After what seemed an eternity working our way through valleys and mountain ranges we reach the end of the road, quite literally there is no more road and Abdul turns and says "Welcome to the Sahara". 

The Sahara can reach tempretures in excess of 50 degress celcius so winter is the best season to explore, its averages high 20s but warning the nights are extremely cold so come prepared. 

Driving over dunes to our campground you pass nomadic tent villages owned by the chief in his indigo blue head scarf and his family with their camels, goats and sheep who wander through the endless dunes of this grand desert.

At some point you do wonder if Abdul knows where we are but in the distance our oasis comes in view. No need to sleep with the camels because our accommodation is an oasis, it's Glamping, well-appointed tents with their own bathing room, toilet and comfy bed and amenities.

Camp Adounia is for busy people with a sense of adventure, looking to find some balance, rest and re-connection. Adounia was born through a passion to share the stunning landscapes of Morocco and a deep belief in the power of the Earth, a chance for people and their families to really get away from it all and enjoy nature.

When night falls, I am invited into an impressive Touareg tent to have an authentic Moroccan dinner cooked by our chef Mohammed and served by Hamid. The candles and fire are lit, which adds to the charm and ambiance because the Touareg like to end meals with music and dance around the campfire. 

But be sure to get an early night as the best time in the Sahara is early morning when the sun peeps up behind the sand dunes. A little dune surfing is great way to start the days.

Camping in Morocco, sitting under the millions of stars listening to ancient drumming will touch your soul and return you home with a little more vitality.


The journey.... 

Camp Adounia .. Hamid, Abdul, Mohammed, Nicole Snow

Camp Adounia .. Hamid, Abdul, Mohammed, Nicole Snow