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Camera Shy? A few tips for getting ready for the camera on your wedding

Camera Shy? A few tips for getting ready for the camera on your wedding

So you, like many of us, hate the thought of having your photo taken. We are no model, it’s not an every day occurence for one. It makes you feel completely conscious and unnatural. You always feel and look awkward and with the forthcoming wedding you realise you have no excuse, you want to capture it all and have memories of the two you as well as with family and friends.

So whilst the photos taken during your ceremony and formailities are always natural with you not even realising the photographer is there, there will be the time to step away and get some more portrait/posed shots of you both, your family and bridal party.

This feeling can be a side effect and taint your view on how valuable photography and a good photographer is to your day! So we thought we would share some tips we have learnt over the years that may just make you feel a little more camera ready.  


Get in front of a camera, practice having your photo taken and don't feel like a nerd if you practice this in front of a mirror. Models are told to do this all the time! It’s about building a level of confidence in having your photo taken and what you do and don’t like, for example your smile or profile.


Do you like them!? Do they make you feel comfortable? Whilst you need to love their work and style of images you also need to spend a day with them so please make sure you connect with them.


Consider a session before the wedding - maybe an engagement session or family portrait, bonding with your photographer is so important to feeling comfortable on the day and a great way of building a level of trust in what they do. Consider it a practice run!


Watch how much you drink before the photos - as hard as can be for such a celebration try and limit your alcohol intake to after your portrait sessions. Alcohol has some nasty side effects to our glow, skin and attention to details!

Trouble spots : a few tips we learnt from models in our photoshoots

  • If you are conscious of your arms raise them slightly to create a gap between your body, it’s why you see a lot of women on the runway put their hands on their hips you create a thinner profile in your arms. But even a slight raise makes a huge difference.

  • Tilt your head ever so slightly highlight

  • Stand up straight - imagine someone just pulled your puppet strings on your head straight up

  • Laughing - this tends to happen naturally on the day but if you place yourself with people that make you laugh your photos are going to reflect a natural you!

  • Distractions .. someone that may be there that gets your mind off the fact a photographer is taking your photos





Tips to finding your perfect celebrant

Tips to finding your perfect celebrant

Advice - be yourselves!

Advice - be yourselves!